We’ve all heard of casual Fridays – take it to a whole new level and wear your PJs to work.

Organise a PJ themed fundraising event at your workplace to help raise much needed funds and awareness of mitochondrial disease (mito).

Why not get your colleagues to wear their PJs for the day or sponsor your boss to wear a onesie? If wearing your PJs is taking the concept of dressing down a little too far, why not swap your heels and laces for slippers!

Would your colleagues fancy a day at home? Give them the opportunity to work from bed for the day for a small fee!

There are many fun ways you can get involved and we have some great ideas to get you started.


Portrait of businesswoman working in pajamas
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Vodafone staff spent the day in pyjamas and onesies raising over $4,000 in support of Stay in Bed Day. This amazing effort was in support of Vodafone staff member Brooke Ainsworth, who sadly lost her mum to mito in 2013.

“Arranging a PJ Day at our office (in honour of my Mum) was such fun. Seeing staff in their PJs and onesies was a great way to not only raise much needed funds for research into mito, but also raise awareness. A fantastic all-round initiative!” Brooke Ainsworth

PJ day Payroll team - vodafone


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