Stay in Bed

Stay in bed or at least in your PJs from 9am – 5pm (of course, you don’t have to be awake this whole time if you don’t want to!)


Eat from Bed

Eat all meals from bed – BUT, people can buy you a “get out of bed free” card to allow you a 5 minute fresh air break (or to raid the fridge!)


Party Time

Hold as many online gatherings as you can using your Stay in Bed Day background.


Working from Home?

If it is a work day for you - accessorise your PJs as if you were going to the office.


Friday Drinks

Have Friday virtual drinks with your workmates or friends using your Stay in bed Day background


Take on a challenge

If it is not a work day – take on one of our challenges, or come up with one of your own. Click here for inspiration.


Go Social

Share 2 of our Facebook posts to spread awareness of mito