Tuck yourself in, lie back and get comfortable with us as we bring you Stay in Bed Day on 22 May.

There will be competitions, challenges, live streams, a chance to hear from some of the Mito Community and much more, including


Keep an eye out for an email from us with details of our first competition of the day!


A message from Sean Murray, CEO of Mito Foundation (in his PJ’s of course).


Check the Stay in Bed Day Facebook page for a live interview with broadcaster Emma Vosti.


Share your best PJ selfie and tag #stayinbedday and #mitofoundation for another chance to win one of our great prizes!


Back to the Stay in Bed Day Facebook page to link up with Toni Catton and her family, who will be talking about the day to day realities of living with mito.


Join our Captain of the Mito Movement Noah and his Mum, Kat for a live beside chat, hosted by Emma Vosti (will be streamed on the Stay in Bed Day Facebook page).


Take action together. Join the community as we take action together to support Toni, Alana, Noah and Kat and Australians living with mitochondrial disease.


Bring it home. The final hour to post your pics and share your challenge to bring mito to it's knees.


Official close of Stay In Bed Day. Stretch the legs, celebrate and thank your donors.