Stay in Bed Day is a great excuse to do simply that… Stay in Bed… or at least in your pyjamas whilst raising funds and awareness of mitochondrial disease (mito).

There are a number of ways you can get involved.

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Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Patterson

Meet Rebecca. Seven years ago she woke with chronic pain in her stomach...

Every dollar raised from Stay in Bed Day will help people like Rebecca, who suffer from this insidious disease.

What is Stay in Bed Day?

Stay in Bed Day brings together people affected by mitochondrial disease (mito). It is an opportunity for those with mito, their loved ones and many others to do two amazing things – raise funds and awareness for people suffering from this little known disease.

There are many forms of mito, with many different symptoms including organ dysfunction and failure, seizures, visual and hearing impairment, and intellectual disability to name a few. There are few effective treatments and no cure. As mito robs the body’s cells of energy, many sufferers spend extended periods in bed. On Stay in Bed Day we celebrate each and every mito patient, those fighting today and those who mito took too soon.

Living with a disease that most people have never heard of adds to the isolation that many sufferers experience. One in 200 people may carry the genetic changes that can cause mito, with one in 5000 people suffering from a life-threatening form, making it the second most commonly diagnosed, serious genetic disease after cystic fibrosis. Yet, the first time many sufferers hear the term is when their specialist mentions that it could be the cause of their symptoms.

Your Donations at Work

The funds raised through Stay in Bed Day will allow the Mito Foundation to continue to provide and expand its vital work delivering support services to those affected by mito. Patients and their families have access to the Helpline, Mito Information Days, Mito Connect Calls, Support Groups, Mental Health Support and much more.

Help us raise much needed funds and awareness to help support those affected by this devastating disease.