We’ve come up with 7 top tips to make it easy to reach and exceed your fundraising goal - and bring us closer to a world without mito.

The money YOU raise will help us to provide vital support to people affected by mito….thank you for Staying In Bed!


Be the First

We’ve found that donating to your own page first really does motivate others to follow suit! People will often match the amount you donate so set the bar as high as you can and watch the donations roll in.


Get Social

Social media platforms, like Facebook, are the perfect way to let your friends know about your challenge on a regular basis.


Tell a Story

Let people know why you’re supporting the cause and taking on a personal challenge. For inspiration please refer to our mito stories here.

Your loved ones are really giving in support of you, so make sure your Supporter page is updated with your photograph and any personal challenges you’ve decided to take on whilst staying in bed for the day.


By Email

Why not send an email to your friends, family and colleagues to let them know about your upcoming challenge and ask for their help?

People are often willing to give…they just need to be asked!

Make it easy for them by including a link directly to your fundraising page.


Ask the Boss

Does your company offer a dollar matching program?

You could double the impact of each gift your workmates donate, or even your whole fundraising total.

Speak with your manager to see if this is something your company offers and get matching!


Say Thank you

Nobody likes their gift to go unnoticed so don’t forget to thank each of your supporters. You’ll receive an email when a donation is made to your fundraising page and you can call or email your supporter directly.

You can also post a thank you message on your fundraising page to let the world know how grateful you are for their support.


Share again

We know how easy it is to miss a post or to forget what we were going to do!

Sharing your fundraising page on social media a few times in the lead up to the 22 May is a great (gentle) reminder that you are supporting a great cause!